Sunday, 28 May 2017

Ferrymead Historic Park

Last week the whole junior school spent the morning at Ferrymead Historic Park as part of our Transport topic.  We were very lucky to have the whole outing (including bus and entry to Ferrymead) funded by our fabulous PTA so there was no cost to families.

Firstly we climbed on board a big GoBus to start our adventure:

When we got to Ferrymead we walked to the train station and saw some chickens on the way (William wasn't too keen on them!). Then our first ride of the day was on the train. We went down to the end of the track and back twice. The driver tooted the whistle but it wasn't very loud..

Next it was our turn to go on the Tram - a red one, number 22.  We went right down to the other end of Ferrymead and into the Tram Restoration Shed, before the driver switched ends and drove us back again. Liz, Aiyden and Lisa sat outside on the tram - it was very windy!

Kereama was keen to shut the door as it was cold outside!

Inside the restoration shed

Then, while we waited for our last ride, on the trolley bus, we got to climb inside the oldest trolley bus that Ferrymead has. It was in a shed but we all sat in the drivers seat and pretended to drive...

Lastly, just as we were leaving we saw some very old fire engines, and they were all called Dennis!

Then it was time to return to school. Everyone had such a great time, and Tyler laughed the whole way back on the bus.

Back at school we made a thank you card for the PTA. What a great day!

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