Thursday, 16 November 2017

Term 4 so far...

Ooops, I just realised that we are 5 weeks into term and I haven't posted anything on here! That must be because we have been too busy having fun and working hard.

This term our topic is Farm Animals, and it is providing us with heaps of fun outings and activities. Here are a few of the highlights so far:

One of our goals is to learn the names of the babies of each animal e.g. lamb, piglet, calf etc.
Kereama is working on a matching activity to help reinforce these new words

Aiyden LOVED our fluffy sheep - made by sticking cotton wool onto sticky clear duraseal. 

Tyler wasn't too sure about having a go at milking our pretend udder (a rubber glove with milk inside and a hole in the finger tips). It sure felt strange!

We visited a real dairy farm, where we could look through a window into the milking shed.

There has been heaps of fantastic imaginative play with our class farmyard. Lockie and Kereama made sure all the animals were separated out into their own paddocks.

We visited Liz's farm one day too. We threw some wheat into the chicken coup and watched them scratch around for it.

Tyler checked the nesting boxes and found an egg!

Lockie had a chat with Mr Rooster

William rode on the tractor.

We got up pretty close to the sheep, but had to be quiet so we didn't scare them away.
 On another outing we went to the Animal Park at Spencer Park.

This mother hen had 10 baby chicks, how many can you count in this photo?

Aiyden was pretty keen to get up close to the big kunekune pig!

Mr Peacock showed us his magnificent feathers!
So that's a quick glimpse at some of our farm activities so far this term. I will post some other things that we have been up to as well, very soon! We'd love you to leave us a comment if you like our blog, so that we know you have visited. Thanks!

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