Tuesday, 12 September 2017

We're Going on a Bear Hunt.

Guess what our book is this week? We're going on a Bear Hunt! And so today we did....

We went to the Groynes and had a walk along a trail looking for a Bear.... Some of us were a bit nervous, but we were brave, we stayed together and stayed on the path.

 There was some long wavy grass going swishy swashy swishy swashy, but Lockie chopped it for us so we could get through.

After a while we came to a grassy clearing. Everyone took turns looking through the binoculars to see if we could spot a bear. The binoculars were tricky to use, but lots of fun - they made things look BIGGER!

Chris thought she spotted something down another little path so we all went along together and guess what we saw!!! A BEAR! Luckily he was a very friendly bear so we invited him to come to the playground with us.


At the playground the bear enjoyed the pole, a slide, and hiding in the tunnel, and playing "I Spy" with Lockie and the binoculars.


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