Monday, 27 March 2017

G for Gingerbread

Last week our Letter of the Week was 'Gg', so in our cooking session we decided to make Gingerbread Men. We practised lots of great skills - reading, counting, using our visuals to communicate, taking turns, and using our senses and so much more!

First we had to read the recipe.
Then Aiyden helped to cream the butter and sugar
Kereama added the flour
William added some ginger
Mixing time
Tyler had a turn at mixing too
William used the rolling pin to roll the dough out flat
We pushed the cutter down to make a man
Aiyden's turn to cut one out
Once they had cooked and cooled it was time to decorate!

Tyler told us that he LIKED the gingerbread men - great work

Kereama chose red icing for his man

Aiyden chose 'like' as well.

I wonder what we will make this week for the letter 'H'......

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